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Our Team
Tech Team
David Tsiokos
Geologist with 12 years international experience in mineral exploration, mining, project management and research. Educated in the UK in Geological Sciences David began his career in Australia and after leaving five years later to complete his Masters in research in the UK continued as a consultant in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. David is experienced in developing early-stage exploration projects and progressing them to the pre-feasibility stage in various mineral deposits. Responsible for liaising with relevant government departments regarding environmental impact assessments, anthropological studies, health and safety and community concerns. He is a fellow of the Geological Society of London.
Karina Grosheva
Geospatial technology expert, entrepreneur and sustainable data specialist with over 15 years of experience in UN data innovation, Accenture and PwC. Karina has previously led an AI data startup and has built a data annotation tool for geospatial imagery. Karina worked in the GeoAI industry for the last 4 years, and introduced new ideas for sustainable development data collection into the UN practice serving in technology roles. Karina is an auditor by training, Certified Public Accountant, and had worked in IFRS financial reporting early in her career for publicly listed companies.
Katya Demushkina
Katya’s prior experiences span across 16 years strategy consulting, public-private partnership building and social entrepreneurship advisory. As a Head of the ILO’s Global Business Network, advisor to UNICEF’s leadership and Lead of WEF’s Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs, she has worked extensively on transforming the ways the private sector cooperates with the multilateral organizations. Prior to coming onboard with SDX Space, she had been working closely with several INGOs and social entrepreneurship communities across the Middle East and the EU on innovative value-added partnership models. She holds an MPA in Development Practice from Columbia University SIPA and has worked in Kenya, Russia, Kazakhstan, UAE, UK, Switzerland and the US.
Tatiana Bessarabova
Sustainable development and growth strategy expert with 15 years of client-facing experience in inclusive business, ESG and CSR consulting for Fortune 500 companies and the UN agencies. Tatiana has previously led a community of practice with over 200 companies by helping them scale up, replicate, and improve the effectiveness of their inclusive business models in across 30 countries. For the past decade, Tatiana has been creating global visibility and recognition opportunities for companies ranging from social enterprises to multinationals working in sustainability. Tatiana’s previous work also includes fostering sustainable practices within the extractive, mining and metals sectors in Asia and Latin America. She holds an MSc from New York University in Human Rights and Global Affairs and a BA in Political Science from University of California, San Diego.