Welcome to Sustainable Development Data Exchange

Empowering Sustainable Financing and Sustainable Development with satellite imagery analytics

Our mission is to bring transparency to tracking SDG progress, developing climate-related disclosures, and supporting in achieving green economy targets. We focus on solving data asymmetry problem, specifically in infrastructure, assets and storage mapping and land use.

Data Sources
  • Primary data
  • Geospatial high resolution imagery
  • Trade flow
Investment Style
  • Commodity
  • Stock
  • Sector
Stage Processing
  • Processed imagery
  • Analytical interpretations
  • Signals
  • Alert & Anomalies
Data Quality
  • Historical
  • Low latency
  • High Frequency
  • Methodologies for Climate disclosures

The mission of SDX Space is to use geospatial analytics for tracking SDG progress in emerging economies.

We envision SDX Space to be a data hub of development data analytics and an open-source community. We encourage and support companies and organizations, measuring the SDG progress using advanced technologies of Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, and crowdsourced mapping.

Our SDX Space product allows multi-source data streaming of high-resolution satellite imagery (One Atlas, Planet Labs, Secure Watch, Sentinel 2, and Up42). It allows us to build custom crowdsourced datasets and train ML at scale. We focus on Agriculture, Energy, Supply Chain and COVID response.

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